Tuesday, March 10

Run Jump Play

Fake eyes...it was either red or black so I chose black!

Joel, my just turned 5 year old nephew (not blood, but we still I consider him our nephew) had been asking me to take he and Blake to this amazing fun inflatable play place. It's been several months since I took them and he's been wanting to go again.

Finally, after Blake's cold was gone, our vacation to California and Joel's annual ski trip to Utah we were able to go. Both boys loved it and *I* had just came down with some awful bug but I went to the doc the day before and was told "I was no more infectious than some of the people in Kroger" and given some potent Amoxicillin so I wasn't going to make these 2 guys wait any longer even if I did feel awful.

They had a great time and I was so glad they were able to manage all the obstacles of climbing and sliding with out me, last time Blake needed a bit of help climbing up the big slide and Joel was a little reluctant sliding down it by himself the first few times but this time was different....NO HELP NEEDED. Joel's hair was so funny you can see it best by clicking on the top picture.

After that we went to a McDonalds and the boys were so thrilled that we were going to one with a play area but unfortunatley there were absolutely no parking spots we had to settle on a "boring" one. Through out the day, Joel and I traveled 80 miles together, as we had more errands to tackle, fortunately he didn't catch my bug. Blake however might have, because he ended up with a fever 2 days later of 103.4

You can barely tell but Joel is all smiles and lovin it!

Blake gets a push in "the bathtub swing"

Joel kept asking for me to take his picture, he is definitely a cutie

Blake gives a wave as he comes in for a landing!
This was another slide they found it to be boring after long it was a shorter ride

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