Tuesday, March 24

Lori's Weird Tidbits

I'm in a rut, nothing is coming to mind, I haven't done anything too exciting lately so I don't know what to blog about so all I can come up with is this: Yesterday while getting my hair cut the stylist and I got to chatting as we always do and something was said about finger nails so that got me to thinking about some weird facts about me:

I can't stand to have my fingernails touched. When Sam cuts them he must hold my finger tips on the sides or I cringe and squirm. One time I went for a manicure but cringed when they attempted to file my nails, I said "Just paint them and I will be fine with that".

I did that one first since I was talking about fingernails but I should have said this first:
  1. I hate Styrofoam, can't stand the feel, sound or ewww, it's getting me squirmy just typing this. Blake does not know this one yet, I told everyone that if he knows this he might drive me nuts with it, just like Seth tries to do but fortunately as soon as his mom tells him "Seth, put that away" he is an excellent listener. At church, or parties I always get a regular plate or cup, and I am willing to wash it too.
  2. I have to put lotion on my hands after I get all comfy and situated in bed for the night or I don't sleep well. I even wake up sometimes to apply more.
  3. The covers MUST be up to my neck and I have to lay on my LEFT side to fall asleep.
  4. which brings me to this: I have a sleep machine that I take everywhere I sleep it's a soft hum and it annoys the H E double toothpicks out of Jennifer! She told me I couldn't use it in Tampa at Thanksgiving and instructed to to take extra trazodone, the only reason she won was because I wanted my grand kids to SLEEP. Fortunately that was just 1 night in a hotel. In the condo our bedroom was on the opposite side of theirs.
  5. IF I forget it, I MUST turn on a radio but not on the "station" it has to be between stations or I will not fall asleep; I will be singing songs to myself for a very long time.
  6. In winter, I wear loooonnnng socks that go up to my knees, they're men's and they're white
  7. I can not sleep in pajama pants because the legs ride past my ankles and makes me uncomfy. Only if I am at somebody's house and cold I will wear my sweat pants but just till I get the bed warm.
  8. In summer it's important to me that my socks and shirt are the same color. RIGHT SHARYN? If I don't have the right sock color, I'll wear white socks but not the winter ones, (just in case you were wondering). I did that back in the 70's tho!
  9. I love shrimp and would eat it 6 days a week, I need to have burger of some sort once a week.
  10. Dr. Pepper is my favorite pop
  11. "SODA" is not in my vocabulary, it's POP!!!
  12. Absolutely no ice but if *I* insist...I only want 2 ice cubes, not three and if it's at a restaurant I'll order LIGHT ICE if I want any at all, and basically that's just too keep the straw down in the cup. Donna remembered this after years and years of no contact. I thought that was funny, we must have been out to eat too many times?
  13. I follow the sun around and open and close the blinds as I desire. Right now it's not 80 degrees out so I like the blinds open wide for all the sun to shine in.
  14. In the summer time when it is 80 and above I pride myself and brag about how cool I can keep my house w/o turning on the a/c. and definatley not the furnace. Sometimes we are wearing sweatshirts inside and it's 85 outside.
  15. Panda Bears are the cutest but that's not so weird and I am sure you already knew this if your a loyal friend or follower.

These are just some of the weird facts about me. Maybe I will post more as they come to me.

I'd like to know what other weird/interesting facts you come up with about me just send them in email and not here. (not sure if I want the world to know what your thinking on this subject) Now that you know all this about me do you still wanna be my friend?


Anonymous said...

Of Course Lori, I still think your great.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't know Lori (or even those who do) many of these things are "weird"... Imagine living with someone who can't stand styrofoam like her. It drives me nuts having to make her leave the room or hurry up and take food out of it so she can come around.

You should see Christmas or when packages come and she can't open them...

Want to be mean :) to her, send her a package in styrofoam... I bet I have to get it out for her (ha ha)

Lori said...

yes, but it gets worse, when I am home alone and I MUST touch the stuff, I put on gloves and sing weird phrases like"I don't like this it just bugs me to no end and that is why I am not touching stryrofoam" at the top of my lungs with shooting headphones on.