Monday, March 2

Blake Quizes Me on Grandpa

The other day I picked Blake up from the Y and while we were sitting having lunch he quizzed me on grandpa's recent appendectomy it went kinda like this:
REMEMBER HE IS 4 YEARS OLD, and his surgery was 10 days prior to this conversation, and he has seen grandpa to talk to himself about it but won't talk to Sam about it (don't know why)

B: so gramma, how is grandpa doing after his surgery? (doesn't he sound go grown up?)
M: He's doing alright
B: Can he do stuff?
M: Well yeah, Blake, he can do stuff
B: Like what can he do?
M: Ummm, he can put his socks and shoes on now
B: what else? gramma, tell me what he can do
M: He can drive, he can go to work
B: I know that because he is not home but what can he do
(by now I'm kinda getting annoyed because I don't know EXACTLY what Blake is looking for me to say, he's seen grandpa and he knows he can walk but what does this little 4 yo mind want to know)
M: he can brush his teeth, shower, eat meals, watch t.v., talk but he can't pick up Jayde (over 5#)
B: can he do the dishes
Me: yes, but it hurts to bend over to load the dishwasher
B: OK, gramma (and off he goes, I guess I finally answered all his questions and his lunch is over)

Ugghhhhh, Why didn't he just ask about the dishes in the first place!??

Kids can be so funny and that's one thing I love about them.


Anonymous said...

Blake loves his grandpa! He still is asking to make sure that he is okay. He has a memory like his momma and still brings up when I had my kidney surgery almost a year ago.

Lori said...

Yes, Blake is very compassionate, another one of his amazing traits.