Wednesday, February 25

They're Out of Their Mind

On Monday in the mail arrives an envelope from the San Diego Hospital telling Sam his check-up is for Wednesday at 1:15 with so and so doctor!
  1. We don't live there
  2. This is the first we hear about his appointment time
  3. We're back home
  4. We told them already we weren't coming back for a check-up
  5. Somebody had to have addressed it do they not think "OHIO?"

I called and cancelled his appointment, would have loved to have spoken to somebody but it was automated, I said "Sam --- will not be coming for his appointment on Wed. due to the fact we are back home in OHIO, and there is no reason to reschedule so please don't bother with another letter or phone call". I hope that clears that up!


Anonymous said...

Can you give us an update on Sam, I've been following along and am interested. Thanks

Lori said...

Sure, Sam said he wanted to post the update and he will get to it tonight, plan to see it for tomorrow. Just a heads up...he is healing on track. Ty for your concern.