Monday, February 23

"Just Another Manic Monday"

Yes, that's true, we run off for an extended 4 day weekend to have a great time and then.... After 2 very busy days of walking all over a zoo and Sea W. up and down hilly paths and acquiring a sore hip, after breakfast on Monday, Sam informed me he didn't feel well. We were getting ready to head out to our last fun event The S.D. Wild Animal Park, about 35 miles away.

Sam: I don't feel well (rubbing his belly)
Me: Oh? Well let's just stay here at the hotel and see how you are later
Sam: No, we came do to do this, we're going
Me: Alright? if you think so, (to avoid getting into an argument)

We start out and it is sprinkling, I call the place and they say it's raining there too and it's all out doors. We bring a change of clothes but no RAIN GEAR or spare shoes. We're on the road about 15 minutes and it starts to pour, Sam is fidgeting and rubbing his belly I say what's wrong and he reminds me he doesn't feel good. I tell him let's just go back to hotel area and see what we can do around town, after all, it is pouring and it really wouldn't be much fun outdoors. He agrees:-)

After pulling over and checking the AAA book and the GPS for ideas Sam thinks it best to head back to hotel, I agree, (he is in pain). He takes a 35 minute nap while I catch up on blog reading. Wakes up, tells me to type in How Diagnose Appendix, he used to be an EMT and knows more about this stuff than I do. He gets me thinking this is serious because he is not a complainer, and we're not liking what we're reading on the diagnosis. He takes control of the computer and figures out which hospital is near as well as the best choice for care.

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