Monday, February 23

Cancel and Extend

What an ordeal. I had to call Delta on Monday while Sam was in the E.R. dept. to let them know we would not be on our fight Tuesday. That creepy woman gave no sympathy and actually gave me aggravation, she told me I'd have to pay a higher fare, for the second time,I told her it was medical, my husband is admitted to the hospital, I don't have a month and a half to reschedule a new flight home.

I was keeping in contact with my sister who was calling family to update them. Of course I was in contact with Jennifer and she was even helping to make phone calls. I had her extend the dog kennel, call Sam's parents once and my sister once, I didn't want my phone to die on me, I asked at a couple nurses stations if they had a spare charger but they didn't. Fortunately, it lasted till the end of our hospital stay.

I had to extend the rental car and hotel. Whew!

On Wednesday, Sam was on the computer checking out flights to get us home. He asked me if I wanted to stay another day or go home that day. I said if your up for it, let's get outta here, so he got Delta on the phone, booked us thru SLC then into Cincy. We didn't have to pay any extra charges either because it was medical. There was no way were we stopping off in ATL, they had storms coming their way and we did not want a delay or reschedule. It was bad enough our son-in-law had to pick us up at 10:00 P.M. because our truck was at the Dayton airport. (We love you Jim but I would have rather had you get a good night's sleep.) It was nice getting a cart ride through the SLC airport and wheelchair service through the other ones. Sam's computer bag weighed 25# and I would have had to carry it, but it fit on the wheelchair. I know this because I weighed it when we got home.

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