Sunday, February 22

Sea World

On Sunday, we made a quick stop at the zoo (see previous post) then we arrived at Sea World. First on the agenda was the Soaker Shamu show! We had wonderful seats, first row after the soaker section with barely any heads in the snap shots. I was to S.W. when I was in 7th grade, we went to the one in Aurora, Ohio but it's no longer there, shucks because we would love to take the grand kids but maybe still will to the one in Florida, since I don't feel the need to ever be going back to California again, more on that later. Please,to those that already know how Monday went hold your remarks till I get it posted. Thanks.

Between shows we were watching dolphins and sea otters being fed. We also observed many other aquatic animals they even had manatees there, flown in from Florida because S.W. of FL. had run out of room and needed a place to house injured manatees, they will never be able to survive in the wild again due to injuries.

We didn't go on any of the rides, it was on the chilly side and so we wanted to skip them and get back so we could have a great dinner out since Valentines Day was too full at a few of the recommended restaurants.

Here are some pictures of Sea World: Remember you can ALWAYS click on any picture and chances are it will enlarge, I do not have a clue why sometimes one won't but most all the time they do.

The star of Sea World!
"what an exciting ride!"

In unison

How's that for balance and grace?

A man doing a somersault off a killer whale!

I'm no dentist, but I think those teeth look past rotten, being black, yano.

Dolphins dancing

Right over the rope, centered too:-)

A final show of a terrific splash, would feel good on a hot day in sunny California but not today.

And last we have a penguin guarding dinner.

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