Sunday, February 8

Irish Pub=Yummy

Last night we had dinner with a couple friends and she chose Claddagh's Irish Pub. We've never ate at an Irish Pub so I was all game to try something other than our 3 or 4 REGULAR restaurants. I (we, Nicole, Rosie and I) tried to meet at Cavanaugh's Irish pub in December if you recall but their kitchen was not open till 4 and that was not when we were there. So I was all about still trying out Irish food.

We took Donna's advice and ordered the beer battered onion rings. They were not too greasy as sometimes they are at various restaurants. So then for my meal I chose something I never had before, I'm guessing it's Irish...called Chicken Kildare. It was a stuffed chicken breast consisting of herbed garlic butter, parsley, sauteed baby spinach, mushrooms and Irish rasher bacon (I know, I had to ask too, but, it's like Canadian bacon) it was pan fried to an awesome crispness and then had a dab of garlic butter on top. Champ mashed potatoes ( whatever CHAMP is) and Julianne veggies of yellow squash, zucchini and red onions were the accompaniment. All was totally delish with me! I want more.

Everyone was done but me. Donna and Todd asked for the dessert menu, the waiter asked Sam and I but I told him I was still enjoying my dinner and that was yummy enough for me. I had my first sampling of bread pudding and It was OK, I always wondered what that stuff tasted like.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like Pub hoping is in your future.