Thursday, February 19

San Diego Trip (FLIGHT)

It was time to cash in on one of my Christmas presents....A trip in February to San Diego to see the panda bears at the S.D. zoo. This was from Sam, of course and he chose Feb. because we would enjoy a break from winter weather by then. Since there was no way he wanted us to sit in coach seats to fly across the country he books the first class tickets on Dec. 31 for us to fly out on Feb.13. Not sure if you recall but that happened to be Friday the 13th! Not that I am superstitious but it just didn't sound like a good date. Anyway, tickets were booked, so we went. It was a romantic idea to spend Valentines Day in a far away city.

Oh yeah, when I went to shut off my computer at 3:30 A.M. on the 13th I see an article about the Continental plane that crashed into a home in Buffalo, NY the night before killing all 49 on board + 1 in the house. Not news you want to see any day of the year but not the day of Friday the 13th. a.k.a. the day we're flying. I didn't tell Sam till we were almost to the airport...nothing to do about it but pray for all those family's and for God to comfort them so we did our part.

This was my first flight going FIRST CLASS. Wow, they offer to take your coat and hang it in a closet for you! They offer you drinks even mixed ones, even for a 7:00 A.M. flight even as soon as you get situated in your seat that means well before take off! I knew they had complementary drinks but I didn't know when and they don't let your drink empty either at least they didn't let my mixed drink (I had 'em mix me up some Sprite and O.J.)see the bottom except they took it before take off [for obvious reasons]. On the back of the seat ahead of you are miniature monitors where you can choose movies, music, t.v. HBO, CNN or you can even watch the flight map in progress. They even offer you a lunch/dinner depending on the time your flying. Our lunch consisted of some chicken breast, rice mixture that tasted oriental,(I didn't like either) cooked perfectly tender asparagus, (I ate Sam's too) a salad and cheese cake for dessert. I'm not sure all those do hickeys were worth the extra money but I definitely commented to Sam several times how grateful I was he got us First class seats because the size of them alone was soooo much more comfy for that distance!

Check back for what we did while there. Please, if you already know, don't spoil the story. Thanks.

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