Wednesday, February 4

What a Trip (shopping)

You can ALWAYS click on ANY picture to enlarge it.
I paid Kroger a visit last Saturday and look at the list of things I got:
5 packs T.P.
10 bags vegetable steamers
1 cr.cheese
4 bags shredded cheese
1 brick of cheese
2 Armour meatballs
4 frozen pizzas
2 giant candy bars
1 box of Taquito's
2 bags of cheetos
1 box kleenex
1 cantaloupe
1 snapple
1 daisy sour cream
1 1/2 gallon milk
2 Fiber One bars
1 1/2 gallon Tropicana O.J.
1 box Orville R. popcorn
3 packs of Kool-Aid
I did not pay the regualr amount which would of been $114.69
Instead after coupons and sale prices I paid....ready? $39.53
I saved 65%!


Anonymous said...

The more I see my wife do this the more amazing I find it. If I didn't actually see the stuff she buys and the receipt I'd think she was making this up. Keep up the great work honey :)

Lori said...

You just tickle me pink when you write lovely comments on my blog!

Michelle said...

Way to go!! I just love days like this!