Friday, January 30

My Wonderful Husband

I woke up Wednesday to Sam's alarm. He turned on the t.v to hear a repeat of Tuesday so he looked out the window and crawled back in bed for another 1 1/2 hrs. then he rolled out and started another work from home day. I get up, look outside and say yippie, more exercise shoveling. It wasn't as FUN as Tuesday and I had a feeling my neighbor would be over to plow us out so instead I went to shovel Lilah another few paths as they too had blown in and got completely covered. When finished it looked like a runway. I went back out front and while shoveling, Dave, the neighbor yells over he's going to be plowing when it gets done snowing. I yell back alright you can finish what I don't. He is a great guy, he mowed for us when we weren't here yet full-time, and plowed our driveway when we weren't living here yet full-time. It was a true blessing to come from out of town and find the driveway or yard taken care of. When I came in the door Sam asked if I wanted breakfast and of course I said YES. This time he made me blueberry pancakes. THEN he did the dishes. I can really get used to this work from home stuff. Thank-You dear.

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