Tuesday, January 13

Happy Birthday Mychele

Today is my niece, Mychele's birthday. She was born in California in 1977. I can always remember that year because that is the bicentennial year of our country. Remember those "drummer boy" quarters they had 1977 on them. She made a big flight when she was 3 months old as she moved to Pennsylvania. Oh, I still remember those days....

I was just 13 when she came back and I would carry her everywhere I could. I hated to go to school because I missed her so much. One day I was carrying her to the back yard and I tripped on the garden hose and to save her, I fell straight down on my knees, OUCH on a blacktop driveway in shorts! I wasn't going to let anything happen to her no matter what. I was totally shook up because of what COULD have happened if I dropped her. On several occasions I would take her for rides in her buggie. I was a paper girl and I would take her to see some of my customers whom I totally adored and talked about her immensely. It was such a joy to show her off.

As she grew a bit older like 4-6 years old she would occasionally get mad at her mom (as all kids do from time to time). I told her she could move in with me when I was big and got my own house. I would tell her that to make her feel better that's the kind of love I had for her. Well needless to say that never happened but it sounded good to both of us (at the time). She was thrilled!

Time passed and eventually they moved to New York and she grew up. She is married to Kip and they have James (their dog). They live in Michigan and we don't see each other too much anymore, but nonetheless, I still love my niece, MYCHELE. Happy 32nd birthday!

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Happy Birthday Mychele!

Jennifer, Jim, Blake and Jayde