Friday, January 30

Be Careful of What You Hope For

Because you just might get too much! OK, so it was nearing the end of January and the kids had not had any snow to play in and I know growing up in Erie, PA was a ton of fun playing in that STUFF. Tuesday we got three inches when I woke up. I wanted some snow to take Blake out and have a good time, 3" is ample to do that. I shoveled the driveway, (which I as a matter of fact enjoy doing as long as it's not the heavy wet stuff or the end of driveway) Sam chose to work from his home office vs going the 1 hr drive each way in what the news crews were stating was a mess, schools were all cancelled, even some businesses were. When I came in after the driveay was done, Sam asked if I wanted some breakfast. He fried me up a couple eggs (just like my mom used to make 'em, a tiny bit crispy around the edges and yolk a little runny, in other words PERFECT) toast and turkey bacon. He even started to do the dishes, but I told him I'd handle it so he could get back to work.

then add this red measurement to the next day

Jennifer came over after work and Blake and I went out to play. He absolutely is addicted to this Little Tyke car my friend Lisa GAVE me a couple years ago. He plays with it everytime he is outside at our house. He only had 1/2 the driveway to ride and asked me to shovel the sidewalk so he could drive, he wanted me to shovel 4 houses length. I settled for "our part".

Here is another picture below of me taking him
sledding. He said "gramma, this is funnn!"and I said "I knew you would like this!"

He saw the girls go far so he pointed out he wanted me to put the sled RIGHT HERE, like the girls so "I can go far" another time he watched them stand up and go, he asked if he could and I said that wouldn't be safe, so instead he went belly first. (like that is safe too). Blake is so independant he didn't need me to go with him, altho he asked me once if I wanted to ride with him and so I did, and he insisted on pulling the sled back up the hill all by himself. So after that I just guided him in the right direction and he came back up by himself. My kinda boy!

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