Friday, January 16

Brrrrrrrr, Baby It's Cold Out There

Oh my goodness, today I woke up to -8 degrees! For some reason I am not as cold today as I was yesterday but yet I have my heat at the same temp setting, weird. I'm glad about that. My hands are not even cold as I type so it can't be I am just getting used to it. Today I have slowly noticed the temp rise to +4 so we're making progress. :-) When we get to San Diego next month and enjoy their average 66 degrees we will be running around in shorts! Well, OK maybe not shorts but 66 will seem like summer compared to weeks like this one. Tomorrow will be 27 and a good day to take the recyclables to the drop off. They're almost over flowing. Here's an Old FAVORITE of Blake and I from December '06. Just perfect for this post.

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