Tuesday, January 20

Bargain Grocery Shopping

Last Saturday I went to Meijer and stocked up on some stuff I had coupons for and that was on sale. How do you like my haul?

I got:

1Bisquick (99 cents)

3 loaves of bread(bog2f)

1Chex Mix (I just made umteen batches to take to Erie for Christmas gifts and we didn't go yet due to too much snow fall) (FREE)

1Turkey bacon (not on sale)

1 Green Giant veggies (FREE)

2 Fiber One poptarts (FREE)

6 Fiber One bars (I hope they're good) (1.00/box)

12 yogurt (39 cents EACH)

2 boxes of potatoes (20 cents each)

1 pouch of potatoes(9 cents)

2 boxes of snackers (1.00 EACH)

2 pizza rolls (FREE)

2 pepperoni packs

1 Hunts spaghetti sauce

1 can of pudding (FREE)

1 Snapple drink (29 cents)

3 biscuits (FREE)

4 cans of soup (not sure but I had coupons and Sam was needing soup)

2 Yoplait drinkables because Blake enjoys these (50 cents each)

I paid $29.78 for it all. But I saved $60.67!

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