Wednesday, January 28

Great Old Friends

I told you earlier in the month my "original friend" yano original means first one, right? OK, so then my "original" friend, Donna found me at the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert, we hadn't seen each other for many, many years. She was my very first friend I met when we moved to Ohio in 1990. You can find more on us on my post dated January 11th. Anyway, we made plans to meet up. We were going to do lunch and then a movie. She wanted to stop at Ikea before the movie and I met up with her there. We talked about Applebee's for lunch but she left it open for me to decide if I wanted to eat at Ikea or anywhere else. I said why not try Ikea. Last time I was there I had breakfast with my sister. I laugh, "last time" (it was my only other time there other than Monday). We met at their cafeteria and I was unsure what was good so I followed her food choice..Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy and some nasty cranberry stuff. I had my eyes set on their Almond cake. That was totally delicious! I'm getting everything I just said next time, course I guess that will be dinner at the rate I am going. Here we are leaving the store. I had to get a shot since the movies would be too dark for a photo. The balloon in the plant was from her over 16 years ago...Yip that's not a typo guess they don't make em like they used to:-)


Nicole said...

You're right...IKEA food is a bit hit or miss, but I do like their desserts. Next time try the DAIM torte, made with the toffee candies. YUM!

Lori said...

Alright, I will plan for the torte, but I might change my mind once I see that almond cake, after all it was just so delish.

P.S. Thanks for not giving up on my blog since I've been so quiet for several days. :-) More post coming today or tomorrow or both!