Wednesday, January 7

Christmas At Our House

OK, so now I am really late on this post but I've not been interested in updating lately. I wanted to share with you our tree, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It's the "pretend kind" and we've had it for several years, we don't put it up every year, once because we were moving in January and I didn't need extra stress. Another year, we decided to celebrate at our new house (the one we live in now) when we were actually still living in Indiana, and we were making weekend trips to our new house till we actuallyMOVED here nearly 4 months later. Another year we vacationed in Alabama during the week of Christmas. This year Blake was helping me to decorate it and asked "gramma is your tree real" I said, "no, it's the pretend kind". Then I said to myself how is he supposed to learn things if I don't call them what they are, so I told him it was actually called artificial. They ALWAYS get a real tree, and he probably noticed it felt different.

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