Monday, March 30

They Heard Me!!

Do you remember a few post back how messy Sam's sandwich was; well apparently they heard my cry for pride, what a remarkable improvement!! Thank-You "sandwich builder". Also, if you notice I am having a sweet tea from McDonalds and here is a great example of how stryrofoam annoys me, see I had to ask for a iced coffee cup. (They give you stryrofoam for the tea unless you ask) BTW if you love sweet tea this is for you.


Anonymous said...

Funny how they heard you from home... tehy must have really good hearing... Since fast food places pay so little there is surely little pride in producing a good product.

At least at McDonalds you can say you will get the same food no matter where you go.

Lori said...

And usually the same messy fish fillet.