Tuesday, March 3

The Doctor Visit

Sam went to see the doc last Friday and after pressing on his tummy in various spots it was determined that he is healing quite nicely. His bruise is finally gone and all the steri strips are still intact. Of course he was reminded to let them fall off on their own time, last night he told me 1 or 2 are starting to start to pull off on the ends. It's been 14 days.

He was reminded to not lift over 5 pounds, I've been taking his computer bag out f0r him every morning. I know he is not following orders because he carried it to the basement office and back upstairs, I gave him a small lecture (what else can I do). I took it to the scale and it weighted 13.5 pounds. I asked him if there was stuff he could leave at work and he said he'd leave some things there today. Then I told him not to fill his bag up with more.

Thanks for your calls, emails, and concern. Now if he just doesn't get a hernia with that computer bag.

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