Tuesday, April 14

Tippy Tuesday

Another kitchen tip, I tried this one out a few weeks back and it works very nicely. When you want to freeze dinner casseroles (like if you make an extra)but don't want to take your dishes and pans out of commission for a number of days, line your pans with Saran Wrap (or the like), put your food in, cover, (so it doesn't dry out), when frozen solid, dump or lift the Saran wrap out of the pan. Wrap food, Ziploc it, label it and write which pan you used so you can bake it in the right pan.

What tips do you have?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good tip, it beats keeping my pans in the freezer. Thanks.

Saving Sherry said...

I never thought of that!!! I'm stealing it and calling it my own! (Unless I use it on my blog, then all credit goes to you!)