Sunday, April 5

Bargains From Last Week

I think the pictures say it all, so I will let them speak.

As you can see, I was able to snatch up a bunch of yogurt and then 2 bundles of 216 ct. wipes all for a grand total of $7.52. I like yogurt and it's good for a snack anytime of day.

Below you will see 8 packs of Cheetos I even picked up a couple bags for my son-in-law, Jim, he enjoys HOT tasting food so the flaming hot ones are for him. I did try them and can not eat more than 2 at a time, so at that rate, they will be stale. I didn't want them anyway, just needed a sample. Then with Blake wanting fruit snacks I threw in a box and yahoo, my total was....drum roll please...44cents, FOR EVERYTHING IN THE PICTURE. To make things more exciting I used my gift card I got when purchasing the razors in a previous post. I just may take up shopping for others, oh, wait, I already do that for my church food pantry.

P.S. I just couldn't keep my hands still they had to have their 2 cents.

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