Friday, April 3


I just love the sight of these trees, however; I could do with out the bees. When I take Lilah for a walk up the sidewalk the entire walk is lined with these beautiful trees and they smell so extraordinary! (Is that even a fragrance?) Go ahead and click on the picture it's beautiful enlarged.


MaJaTo said...

Hi - What kind of tree is it? I'm guessing some kind of cherry tree.


Lori said...

I'm courious how you found me?

Lori said...

Hi Mark thanks for stopping by, these trees are the flowering crabapple tree. It is the kind you don't want to eat.

Busy Mama said...

BEAUTIFUL - and hope of what is to come!!! SPRING!!!

BTW - you've been surfed! If you want to learn more - visit my blog!

MaJaTo said...

Hi Lori.

I found you by chance - clicking the "Next blog" button whilst on another blog.

Thanks for visting my blog. I'll put your on my list of favourites and pop back from time to time.

Also, thanks for letting me know what trees they are.

Mark :-)

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

That is pretty

Lori said...

Busy mama,
I love being able to look out my computer window and see these lovely trees.

BTW: I checked out your blog and am thinking of contacting you. Come back anytime your surfing blogs.

Lori said...

Your quite welcome. I'll be looking for you in the future. (to say hi)

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Hi Lori!You commented on my blog about the savings at Walgreen's this week. I wanted to let you know how I do the backgrounds on my blog..send me an email and I will give you the is really easy!

Michelle said...

those are beautiful---reminds me that nothing is blooming here yet lol. thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping bye and feel free to come back when you have time. How did you find me?