Saturday, April 25

Please Pray

There is a family I've been following; Brittany's water broke while on a business trip to D.C several weeks ago and obviously couldn't head back home. Her husband has been by her side every day of 5+ weeks. They're 900 miles from home and no relatives in town, except when the grandparents come for a weekend visit with their 17 month old son. Their baby was born a couple days ago and needs prayer for underdeveloped lungs and more. Please say a prayer for Gaines' lungs to develop as well as the staff and doctors. Come follow their story here:


2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

Definately in my prayers. I was just reading her blog and seen she had the baby at 29.3 weeks and was 3lbs 2oz, correct? My older twins were born at 29.3 weeks also. I know he has a little while he will have to stay in the nicu but i will pray he has no major problems.

Lori said...

yes ,your correct on the weight. I don't know them, I found them by blog hopping. Just how I think I found you. Thanks for praying for them.