Friday, April 3

Snakes Alive or dead!

I should warn you this one is rated GRAPHIC and if you get squarmy about snakes, you might want to pass this one up.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and so I decided to dig out weeds. My ambition didn't last long because out slithered a SNAKE, well, I of course had to chop it up, poor thing was still moving so I chopped and chopped till it finally was still. I didn't want to make the poor, ugly, scary thing suffer, I just wanted to kill it and throw it in the woods so the other snakes could see the danger of lurking around MY yard.

On my way thru the garage to get my camera (cause I knew you needed to see this) I found another one IN the garage! NO way...I knew I couldn't lose this guy or I'd turn grey over night with worry of where he went and when will he show his ugly face again. I GOT HIM!! I wasn't nice about it either, with each chop I screamed for him, (or was it for my fear of snakes) he tried to get away but I kept pushing him more toward the driveway and once there, I slid him and chopped him up on the rough cement driveway. Yip, I did, then he got to join his dead friend in the woods.

Don't worry my friends, if I catch you in my garage, I will restrain myself from grabbing the shovel. But you best be a friend of mine or your getting chopped up, you ARE now all forewarned!!!!
Your not going to beleive what I did afterwards....I picked up my 5 year old nephew and took him for a ride to the park, once there we took a walk in the woods. I knew he would do a lot of talking so he could scare away any snakes. Thanks Joel for being there when I needed you most.
After our trail walk we went to both playgrounds and he and I had a lot of fun. I love nice spring days, they make me happy.

After this post, I know your ready for a pretty sight so here comes one. Look above (next post).


Anonymous said...

That's disgusting!!! No wonder you're afraid to weed. I'd be chicken too.

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

Omg, that would freak me out, as much i would of had to make sure it was killed, i am afraid if i would of seen that, i would or ran away. But i totally understand killing it and not letting it get away. I would probably never sleep if i knew it was still in the house.

Lori said...

Hi 2setsoftwins4me,
Thanks for coming by, I am glad you understand. Fortunately for me it was JUST in the GARAGE. Come back anytime, I know your very busy but your alwasys welcome.

Lori said...

Anonymous you got that right on the button. Thanks for checking my life out. Stop back again.