Thursday, April 23

Multi Tasking

Multi tasking doesn't always work well for me. Our water is supposed to be shut off and boiled later today (they're doing water line work) so I was getting my "stock pile" of water while I kissed Sam good-bye for the day and then headed up stairs to get some cups to load into the dishwasher, but then I decided to check on Stellen's recovery (blog on the computer) so about 20 minutes later I went down with the cups and OH LOOK WHAT I FORGOT was happening in the kitchen. At least it was on low flow.


Anonymous said...

There goes our water bill... all the savings Lori gets goes down the drain :)

Lori said...

Yes, literally DOWN THE DRAIN with the water. I covered it today tho because I saved over $21 in Just coupons not including SALE PRICES.

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

LOL, darn blogs have us forgetting things. ha
i do the same thing, i will be cooking dinner in the oven and will get online to check on bloggers and i will end up burning whatever is in it because i get so caught up in reading