Monday, April 27

Hello Nashville!

I am heading on a trip today for a couple day get away with my dear friend, Donna. We thought it'd be a fun and rewarding thing to do to get out. Last time we went on a trip was back in the 90's and we had our 2 little girls with us when we went to the Amish country of I think Middleburg, Ohio. This time we are both going to attempt to NOT make a fool of our self LINE DANCING for the very first time. Well, actually *I* had an experience at my dads senior center once or twice YEARS ago, so I hope I don't make Donna look too silly. hehe. I told her I was up for the challenge since we will never see these people again who cares how we look, we're more into having fun than giving a darn how stiff we might look on a dance floor. We'll do some shopping, chatting and of course there will be chocolate eaten too. Yano, girl things. Bet you thought I was going to TN, nope, there is a Nashville, Indiana and that's the one we are heading to. I'll give you a report when I get back in a few days.

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