Thursday, November 19

Kid Chatter

As I was driving Blake to my house for some hang out time after school yesterday we had a chat:

B: Grandma, can I ride my car in the rain?
M: No, because I don't have a raincoat for you here.
B: I don't care, that's alright if I get my jacket wet.
M: I mind, because then you'll be cold and besides I have something else planned.
B: What is it gramma?
M: I was thinking you can help me put our CHRISTmas tree up!
B: You have it already?!! (excited)
M: Yes, it's artificial (not knowing if he knew the word artificial, I said) yano it's not real
B: You mean it's pretend?
M: (sigh)No, not pretend, you can REALLY see it, it's just called artificial:-)

Kids say the cutes things.

He sorted out the branches pretty well, but I temporary forgot I had trouble packing them ALL back in the tree box and we were short the stand screws, so we had to stop and I gave him my miniature tree to see what he could do with it. He did this all by himself.


Jennifer said...

When he found out that the rest of the pieces were out of the boxes for the big tree he wanted to go to your house and put it together. I told him he had school and he wanted to come over after school. If anyone needs help decorating their tree I bet Blake would be willing to help :)

Lori said...