Friday, September 11


I know you don't need me to remind you but today is a sad, sad day for our country. Please say a prayer for the thousands that died and the many more thousands that were injured that day, and the several thousands of people who's life was changed for the WORSE that day.

Today, my daughter and I will be attending a ceremony at the court house, I know it will be such an emotional event for many. (I'm taking a box of tissues to share)

On that terrible day I was not in town, and my daughter needed me, she called me in a panic (she was 20 years old). I had no idea what was going on as the t.v. and radio were not on because I was getting ready to get picked up from my new friend, Rose, (she was coming to get me at our hotel and show me around the town my husband and I would be moving to). When Jennifer told me to turn on the t.v. I was immediately stunned, for what I was witnessing was extremely horrific. At that very moment they were talking about the daycare in the World Trade Center being struck, Jennifer was working at a daycare. Oh, all I could think was to tell her they are not going to strike your little daycare building, your going to be alright.

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Jennifer said...

I remember that day like it was yesterday. And all I could think about was that I was all alone. My parents we out of state, my fiance (husband now) was out of state to school and I was here in Ohio with just my co workers. I was very panicked yet could you imagine what these people were feeling? Nothing compared to my fears I am sure.