Sunday, September 13

Spaghetti Sauce Mak'in

Here are some of my pictures: I started out with 56 tomatoes, all were given to me or I grew them myself.
Here are some of the chunked up tomatoes, and the start of my big mess!

Diced onions and green peppers, I didn't even cry when cutting them, yippie.

My BIG mess, hey it's all worth it:-)

1 pot of sauce trying to thicken up, the other is on the back burner, I had so much it took 2 pots!

Finally, I'm on the last water bath, hooray!

Ta..da...they all sealed, it sure was fun, time consuming but fun. Thanks Michelle for the recipe and the over the phone help.
I also should tell you I ran out of jars so I froze some sauce and of course we had spaghetti the next night.

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