Wednesday, September 16

Labor Day Weekend

We took a 4 day weekend and went to Erie, PA because that's where we were born and raised, our parents live there (minus my mom) and there are a few things to do there that are fun, so we left right after Blake got home from school on Friday. Blake,here comes a good one, get ready"

We're jumping it in unison!

Probably should have wrote '09, too late now

playing in the sand while grandma takes the picture

Can you guess who didn't want their picture taken?
but these two didn't mind one bit

waving at me!
Blake and grandpa (Sam) unpacking while I shoot pictures.

We got Blake's pull out sofa sleeper all set up and it won't be long till he is a sleep.


Jennifer said...

He had so much fun with you guys. When you ready to take Jayde? Just joking :)

Lori said...

Yeah, when she can quit saying "mommy" every 20 seconds when your outta sight.