Friday, September 18

Labor Day Weekend part 2

" He'll be coming around the corner when he comes, yeah whoooo!"

This is at Waldameer Park and Waterworld, Erie, PA. We went to this small amusement park frequently as kids, it's awesome, if you don't want to drive to a big park like Cedar Point or Kings Island (if you live in the area of Erie). No fees to park, or enter the park itself. Only if you want to ride, you can purchase a ride-a-rama, combo for water and rides or just one or the other. You can even purchase just tickets, (which is what we did because Blake isn't ready for many of the big people rides (we found that out with the kid roller coaster) Enjoy:-)

Click on the roller coaster pictures, for sure.

This was our last ride of the day

probably a good thing because....

he so enjoyed driving and crashing. I think it'd want to ride it again and again....

He saw the balloon pop and was sure he could do it,

I always knew he had a good arm but Sam told him he

wouldn't be able to throw that far, I didn't want to doubt Sam but

Blake kept telling us "I can do it, watch me" and so he fed the money in and...

he popped all three balloons, (one is out of the picture)
3 darts/3 balloons. Then we heard "See, I told you I could do it!, can I do it again?" Blake, your a riot! He played again on our way out and got 2/3, not bad. We didn't think to take his picture with his bear, darn.

They had silly mirrors.

He always finds the rides with the annoying horns and beepers.

This is the kid roller coaster, he wanted to go on the big one and we decided he should try the little one first, good thing.

As much as the girl beside him loved it, he hated it, he said he almost cried but didn't. The best thing about this ride was the end. Maybe he shouldn't have rode in the first car? I hope he's not scared for life.

He needed something calm after the last ride, Pilot Blake.
and here is Captain Blake
We got in line for the water log ride then he decided he didn't want to because "what if it's like the roller coaster", I should have said "what if it's not?" I wasn't too keen on getting SOAKED anyway, but that's the entire reason he wore his swim trunks and I dressed in a big t-shirt. The plan was we were going to go to the car and change into dry clothes then do the rest of the rides.

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