Tuesday, September 8

Tippy Tuesday

Once again, you can click on the image to enlarge it.
While traveling home from our extended 4 day Labor Day weekend, we passed this magnificent statue (and church) their sign said this:

"Warning: exposure to the Son may PREVENT burning"

and so consider this is your "tip" for the week.

Here are some facts on the statue that you may find interesting:

  • Height: 62'

  • Weight: Approximately 16,000 lbs

  • Construction: A wood and styrofoam sculpture over a steel framework anchored in concrete. This is covered with a fiberglass mat and resin exterior.

  • The project was constructed in Florida, cut into sections and trucked to Monroe Ohio to be reassembled on-site at SRC. (Solid Rock Church)

  • Designer: Brad Coriel Artist/sculptor: James Lynch

  • Over 8000 man-hours in development and installation

  • Reportedly the "King of Kings" is the largest sculpture of Christ in America.


Nicole said...

This statue is pretty magnificent. I sat in traffic next to it on the day we met!

Lori said...

Yes,I recall you telling me that:-)