Friday, August 7

Today is #21 in Anniversary YEARS.

More to come later, I am off to shop today:-)
Today has been nice, but very crazy; let me share it with you:

We wake up to the radio playing "Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon, I comment, "Oh, what a lovely song to wake up to on our anniversary".

A bit later I went in to check my email and Sam had sent me an ecard, how nice! I then responded back.

While packing his lunch, I decide to use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the center of his sandwich. I put it in a snack cup by itself, his co-worker noticed he was missing the center.

While up at the computer scanning a wedding photo I see a delivery van pull in (flowers)...oh, and they smell so heavenly; I thought...then I said to myself, I don't know what Heaven smells like so I can't compare them to Heaven. I closed up the windows to capture all the fragrance I could possible muster out of these amazing flowers. When I got home from shopping my house smelled like a florist. (good)

The Schwans guy was coming today and I had plans to meet a friend and go to a new Premium Outlet Mall. I write my note to him, put coolers filled with ice out on the porch and speak to my neighbor about grabbing my food, if she sees it delivered. I get home a minute after he pulls away, she was already on the porch, how lucky was that!? The ice cubes that got spilled on the porch were not even melted much!

The trip to the shopping center was a crazy fiasco mess, road construction, heavy shopping traffic= just not a good mixture.

We met at Tim Horton's and I had a chicken salad sandwich and it was tasty, I'll be back.

Then onto the shopping center,lines were LONG, but bargains were great! Just one Yankee candle was $7.00 off a regular store price, I got 50%-60% off Carters brand clothes for the grand kids, (fall colors and style). This bib would be great for Harper, but I bought it for Jayde's birthday in October. I guess I had green on my mind. But I was thinking, Blake and Jayde would look fab in a photo shoot with their matching colors. Good luck with that idea, I know:-( Not so bad for Jayde, I don't know what will happen with Blake, he's very good in front of our camera, it's when he gets to the studio he turns to Mr. Unco-operative!

Back to the Schwans food, I take one item out of the carton to conserve freezer space and the plastic dish is cracked, therefore the cellophane is loose, I call em back and he brings me a new one, (he was still in the area).

2 days ago, I volunteer to watch Jayde for VBS Thursday night (since Sam doesn't want to miss VBS) we are going out to eat later in the week, I'm sure. My son-in-law was supposed to mow his dads yard for him tonight so I was keeping Jayde.

Jennifer calls and says Jim is not mowing after all tonight, he will watch Jayde instead. I quickly call Sam and tell him we could go out to dinner after all, *IF* he really wanted to change his mind, he said na, we'll go Saturday. He was picking up fast food for our dinner tonight.

I get to church and was not planning to say since I had originally planned to just bring Jayde back to my house and hang out, I end up staying, was bored but hung out anyway kitchen duty was light and mostly done early.

We get home from VBS to the house still smelling so sweet. Sam takes a bunch of pictures with me and my flowers. I'm holding up a 2 and a 1 for 21 years!

It was long, long day and at times very crazy, so hectic, I only had 2 hrs. of down time and had to finish this post on Friday.

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