Tuesday, August 4

Tippy Tuesday

I'm sorry to abandon my blog so much lately, but It is summer and I am not interested in sitting around the computer too much these days. I, however, am trying my very best to be faithful to my Tippy Tuesday post schedule.

A great, easy tip for making deviled eggs, or ummm, actually to fill them: is to get a sandwich or storage bag; cheap sandwich bags have busted open so be careful or just go with the storage or freezer bags, put it in a cup and pull the bag over the sides, scoop the filling into the bag, take bag out of cup and squeeze it down to a corner and snip off a small opening (you can always re snip if hole is too small). Just toss the bag away and put the cup back in the cupboard, simple as that!

Now if you want fancy (and more clean up) I suggest using a pastry bag with a #34 or so tip.

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