Tuesday, August 4

Big VBS Week at Our Church

Pictures from Monday night, Jayde is sporting a crown like Esther. She was too cute, walking around the entire church pointing at her crown, smiling when they all told her she was a princess. This is the youngest group, which she is still too young but she had her gramma (me) for her own personal chaperone. She was well behaved and enjoyed being in with the "big kids"
Joel, making some sort of art project.

me and Jayde watching Blake make his project.

Another view of it.

Look how excited the children are, they're doing the hand motions and singing.

Making a noise maker!

This was a community project, they had chex cereal, tootsie rolls, pretzels, nuts, M & M's they scooped into bags for the firemen, because we appreciate our community leaders.

I can't wait to see what tonight has in for us. I'm sure it will be fun, whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

It looks like they're having a fun time. And I just love that picture of Jayde pointing to her crown.

Jayde's Mom said...

Jayde loved her crown. She had to show it off to everyone that comes to our house too. Funny how the little things can entertain kids. She is such a little princess; mommy's princess!