Monday, August 17

Blake gets a blog Pen Pal

A little while ago Jennifer signed Blake up for a pen pal, he got matched up with Sam, a little guy going into kindergarten from Georgia. Sam sent Blake several fun things from his state of Georgia.

Blake sent off things from and about Ohio to Sam including a photo album with pictures of Blake on his 4 wheeler and doing some of the things he enjoys, a packet of Gold Star Chili, postcard of Jungle Jim's and other places. Since Jennifer doesn't have a blog, I thought I'd share what Blake received on mine. Here he is with his package of goodies. What kid doesn't enjoy getting mail?
Here is the confederate money Sam sent, how awesome was that! Blake thought it was pretty neat!
a state quarter, a Kennesaw Georgia patch were also included.

He liked the arrow head too.

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4 Lettre Words said...

Ahhh...we are so glad that Blake enjoyed his package!! It was a ton of fun!