Wednesday, August 26

Summer Fun

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)
We've been to the pool a few times lately and somebody just loved it:-)

Is she the most darling, eat-her-up scrumpchious thing you've ever seen?
Do you think I should enter her in a photo contest?

They're both enjoying the nice water on a hot day.

She would walk as far as she could and then keep going if we didn't pick her up, not afraid at all.

Another day I took Blake to the Mudfest at the local park.He's just getting started.

He almost slid into the mud, (good, he's still clean).

Well, I knew he'd find that pig pen I mean pool of mud sooner or later!

After several times around the obstical course, he's getting muddier.

He met up with his friend Ben and they chased each other around and around.

This is what you call "disposable clothes"

And this is what you call a "clean kid"


Anonymous said...

Your grandbaby is darling, I say go for the contest, you got a great shot there. As far as Blake goes, it looks like he had a blast!

Anonymous said...

One more thing...he's going to kill you when he gets older for posting his tub picture, but kids in tubs are so relaxing.

Lori said...

Thanks. I think she's quite cute too:-)

As far as Blake in the tub, he'll be alright since he is covered up.