Sunday, February 21

Valentines Day (a little late post)

Sam had been eyeing this car for a few weeks and he knows I have to be able to drive it too. The weather was not co-operating with his plan so we didn't go the first weekend because of the snow...The next weekend we were able to make a deal and put him in this bright shinny FORD TARUS SHO. Then the weather turned bad again and he hasn't drove it for an entire week it just sat in the garage waiting and waiting for a snow free trip to the local shopping center and out to dinner. Now it sits back in the garage. We need to get it sealed before we really start driving it around. He doesn't want the dealership to drive it to the sealer place because really now; don't you just love to jump on the gas and see what a new car can do???!!!! So why would they be any different? They offered to give us a loaner while it's being taken care of but we declined.
This is the message Sam had on my vase of flowers.

He totally caught me off guard because I've always told him to NEVER get me flowers for Valentine's Day because they're just too expensive. Besides I don't need flowers to know he loves me. (Awwww, I know) The were delivered the Friday before Valentine's Day. So maybe be got off cheaper than THE DAY.

I couldn't resist one more picture.

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