Tuesday, February 16

Our Funny Valentine

Last Saturday we had our Prayer Partner reveal at church, it was such a joy to let our "anonymous self be revealed" to the person we've been covering with prayer for the last year. Jennifer was getting ready to leave and Jayde took it upon herself to grab all their bags.
and now she looks like she's been shopping for the day with 3 bags hanging off both arms.


Anonymous said...

Love her blue eyes, they really show when clicking on the first picture. Looks like she has an earring on her left ear and blush too, but it might just be her hair behind her ear making it look that way. She's a doll baby.

Lori said...

Thanks I am so in love with her eyes, well I'd love her just as much if her eyes were purple (haha). No ear rings for this little one, not yet and no blush either. I think she was just hot from running around.