Monday, December 28

What's In The Envelope???

Our morning routine wasn't much different than any other morning around here EXCEPT:
Sam: "I'm going to need you to something for me today"
ME: "Oh, your making me nervous the way you said that, what is it?"
Sam: "A package will be delivered here sometime today for me, I need you to be here because it is signature required, and they've already attempted once and we were not home."
ME: "hmmmm, alright but what is it?"
Sam: "I can't tell ya"
ME: "If it's not for me then you can tell me what I'm waiting for!"
Sam: "No, I can't" (we kiss good-bye as he heads out the door)

So a little after 10:00 A.M. the doorbell rings and a lot of knocking, I run down the stairs and sign my name and bring in this envelope. The only clue is it came from CA, and addressed to Sam.

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