Friday, December 11

I Missed My Exit

I offered to keep Jayde today because I had shingles all last week and really missed her. Her mom was happy I did because she was running around Christmas shopping and did a fun activity at Blake's school with them while they had indoor recess.

I'm not surprised I missed it because for me to go more than a15 minute drive from my house usually goes like this if I don't take my trusty GPS.
Jayde and I were going to go here again today, I'm so glad she had no idea where I was taking her because I really went wayyyy out of my way, but it was just that far till the next exit, so instead we took a nice ride on a cold sunny day:-)

We got back and I fed her lunch, here I've discovered she loves clam chowder, I put it in a Tupperware midget and she just drank it up, I really can't blame her, this is the best recipe, it's home made and just taste so good.
Then it was nap time, I went to check on her and this is how she was, I think she was praying, how adorable is THAT....2 and praying.

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MaJaTo said...

Hi Lori. Lovely pictures. My littlest boy was 2 recently and he tells me if I'm going the "wrong" way. In his view the "right" way is to Mama's (Grandma's).
His current favourite phrase is "oh oh oh. Erry mistmas!" - no prizes for guessing what that is!)