Monday, December 7

Not ME Monday

Well today is the day McMamma ( is hosting a Not Me Monday blog carnival it's where you actually say things you did but make it sound like you didn't, does that make sense, it might when your read what I'm about to deny doing because I would never be so anxious I mean mind whacked or be this nuts. Go see what others are denying doing.

Yesterday, while we had communion at church after I ate the bread (symbolizing Christ body broken for you and me) what I did NOT do was tip the grape juice cup (symbolizing Christs' blood shed for our sins) right straight to my mouth and then IMMEDIATELY spit it right back in my cup. If any of you aren't familiar with the method: we take the bread individually then wait till all are served and the preacher says "Drink of you, the blood of Christ shed for you") Crazy, I was busted by my daughter, I told her "but I didn't drink it, see, it's back in the cup". I have no idea who else behind me saw what I had just done, but I could have crawled under my chair.

Ok, today I didn't quickly get all ready to head out the door for an appointment. First you need to know...we got "the first snow of the season" early this morning, we didn't just purchase a new car, in May and I've already practiced driving in snow for several months with it, (like August and September) for sure I'm experienced with my 7 month car already and with all the crazy's out there I sure didn't need to be rushing. So I'm grabbing my shoes to put on and then I say to myself (which I often do) am I supposed to be there at 7:45 or 8:45, yeah after rushing and shewing the dog out the door one last time in the cold with no indication she wants/needs out, I'm ready an hour early. At least It gave me something to write about and time do deny doing it .


Jessica Jones said...

To funny! it works as long as you did not drink it again...did you?

Jennifer said...

Doubt that anyone behind us even noticed :)