Monday, December 22

Bell Choir

Blake was in the bell choir a couple Sundays ago, he is the 3rd from our RIGHT, and Joel is next to him with the yellow bells. Blake has the orange bells. They played Joy To The World. We enjoyed watching them on their first live performance, their first of many? If you take the time to watch it, Blake gets into it at :55 seconds into the video, kinda cute how he wiggles a bit. Also, at 3:16 he decides to take a short rest.

Even Jayde gave them a standing ovation!

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Nicole said...

How cute! I was in a handbell choir in high school, and I loved it. At Christmastime, we were so dinners, private parties, school concerts, etc. I think we performed 24 times in 20 days. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir now has a bell choir. If I ever move back to SLC, I'd love to be in it!