Sunday, December 21

That was very, very time consuming!

I spent a few hours trying to get the after bath pictures of Jayde just right and into black and white. I was able to get to black and white and cut out some of my purple shirt but as far as the entire shirt being out of picture....nope it wasn't going to happen. The other one... I was totally lost, I could not cut out the bright white pillow. Determined to get those into 8x10's Sam spent about 3 hrs. yesterday and was able to achieve all I failed at. (I love you honey!)

Walgreens was offering a free 8x10 (actually they put out 2 free codes) so I printed one of each for FREE, have you noticed I love FREE? The best part...even better than the "free"...when we went to Walgreens to pick them up they told me they were professional prints and asked for the copyright. I was very flatterd and told them I appreciate the compliment but I took them with my own camera. I'm sharing these again because she is so darn scrumptious!

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