Wednesday, December 31

I meet a new friend

I met Joyce (this is not her) out in Salt Lake City a few years back. *I* was there to tag along while Sam and his business partner were doing a 2 week job in the area. We (Joyce and I) were just there to enjoy the awsome beauty of Temple Square, feel the Lords presence all around us, and she was also there to visit her son who lives in the area. We met on "The Square" while waiting for a flower tour. Later that day I met her son and the 3 of us had lunch together. Joyce and I pal'd around for an entire week. I was like a lost puppy dog when she had to go back home to Oregon and Sam still had one more week of work to do.

Anyhow, her son went through a terrible, horendous car accident LAST January which nearly took his life. BTW he did end up losing a leg but yet we continue to praise God he is still with us! You can read about him through my blog. In the upper Right hand is a link to a "TRAGIC ACCIDENT" or just click here: I would suggest starting at the very beginning which means scroll down to FIRST post. And with the black background I find it much easier to highlight a few entries at a time and read them. In order to keep everyone informed of his day to day hospital struggles and progress his daughter, Nicole started a blog on him.

I contacted Joyce and asked to get in touch with Nicole (her granddaughter). I was amazed at the time and details of each post she wrote. I wanted to email her directly. Well from that day I've considered her my blogging friend.

She is traveling through from Detroit to Atlanta to her new home as her pilot husband got a transfer. Even tho we had talked about meeting once before it just didn't work out. Well yesterday was the day, we finally hooked up! We had a great lunch and conversation. I totally enjoyed meeting her and her daughter Rosie. Here is a picture of Rosie and I. We even have the same terrific haircut!


Nicole said...

It was so fun to meet you. Thanks again for lunch. Maybe when you continue our zoo tour we can meet up in Atlanta. I will email the pic of Rosie right away.

Lori said...

You are fast, she's up on my blog and Your welcome for lunch.