Wednesday, August 27

Our dog, Lilah

At the request of my niece, Mychele, I went looking for Lilah (to take a picture) and here is where I found her. We got her in January of '04 because a co-worker of Sam's decided 2 dogs and a cat were too much.
BTW Lilah was rescued from the animal shelter. We were dogless for about 7 months and Sam was thinking we should check this dog out. We took her on a trial basis and she was sooooo full of energy, leaping from love seat to couch in a single bound, and just enjoyed being held and cuddled so we kept her. Another plus.... she came crate trained. Now she goes in there to sleep.
She looks to me like she could be part Shepherd and Beagle? Have no idea how old she is. They really don't tell you much on shelter dogs. Her name was Dalilah, but I never wanted to call her "Da" for short so I changed it slightly, not to confuse her too drastically to "Lilah" besides my mom's hairdressers' name was Lilah.
We love her dearly and the only thing we would change about her is the fact that she would definitely run away if given the chance so she has to be on a rope or leash ALL the time while outside. We're so worried the grandkids will open the door and out she will run into the woods and never be seen again. She has a tag with all our info on it on her collar but the fear is still there.
Once, before moving here, she escaped and had to be chased down through yards and yards. Finally, she stopped to say hi to somebody and they grabbed her for us.

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Anonymous said...

I showed this picture to Blake and he said "How did Lilah get in there?" He thought it was so funny!