Monday, September 8


In somebody's front yard we found these soldiers standing proud.

On the dock of Presque Isle, Lake Erie with my dad.
We stopped over 1 night in Erie on our way to Canada. We stayed with dad and Sue and it was nice to visit with Sam’s parents, Eric and Tammy, Donna, George and everyone else I left out. We all went to breakfast in Fairview on Sunday morning. You know where.

When we got back to Erie (Girard) from Ontario we had tons of video and pictures to share off the camera, we hooked all our gadgets up to Sue’s TV. And dad and Sue really enjoyed it. It was great to have dinner with Sam’s family at a restaurant. Although I hardly consider the Vets Club a restaurant.

During our 3 day stay we kept busy. Dad, Sam and I; we were on the go A LOT. Sue was not retired yet so she went to work and we went off to play. I am an advid reader of the Erie paper and made a list of things that were going on around town over the past months; we went to see and do all of them, this way I was able to “see for myself”. You might ask what we did and saw so wait no longer:

Some big buck idiot put these 2 chainsaw rings into this tree and the one next to it to kill it. He did this cause he wants the trees to die so his rental property that looks dumpy will have a great view of Lake Erie. The trees are valued at $15,000. This does not include the damage to the bank stability. He owns some funeral homes and is 83 yrs. old. Nothing has been done for restitution or fines yet. And who knows what will be done.
A very small sampling of some fine china a relative was showing us.

This wooden coaster was just built and opened for operation at an
amusement park we grew up going to. No parking or admittance fee. You pay for a ride a Rama or by the ride. We paid $4.50/pp to ride this 1 minute, 30 second ride. It is awesome. $3.50/ticket went to some non-profit organization. To read more about this and enjoy a narrated ride click here:Ravine Flyer 2

These kangaroos were at the Erie Zoo. We literally were walking in their territory. Very neat. We HAD to shoot some video of these rambunxious fellaws.
We counted 15 of them and they were moving around, so who really knows.

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