Wednesday, September 24

Blackout '08

Here are some facts about the blackout that affected most all of Ohio and into Kentucky:

  • Hurricane Ike blew in for an awful visit with up to 70 MPH winds.
  • Sunday Sept. 14 at 2:00 our power went out.
  • I had to mash our mashed potatoes with a spatula, yes, they were lumpy.
  • Our upstairs shudder busted in half.
  • We were w/o electric for 89 hrs. We have gas water heater, but electric stove.
  • over 1 million outages, the electric company we use had over 700,000 out.
  • 84 out of 87 counties affected.
  • due to no power, there was a gas shortage because it wasn't able to be pumped out of tank.
  • Duke Energy had workers in Texas and had to call them home to help in this mess. They went from 12,000 workers to 16,050 to fix this outage.
  • Electric company workers worked 16 hr. shifts.
  • The wind blew my 79 year old dad over on the road. He was a little scratched up, but fine.
  • The mums Sam and Blake planted on Saturday BLEW out of the ground.
  • Some people were running extension cords across the street to feed off others generators to keep their food frozen.
  • went to bed by 9 p.m. because nothing to do. Could be a baby boom in 9 months.(time will tell)
  • Level 3 on Sunday and Monday morning that means ONLY essential personnel on road.
  • Dad and Sue left for Oklahoma anyway on Monday morning.
  • No ice available for miles. Matthew 25 ministries were giving ice away on Tuesday along with bottled water.
  • The weather was perfect: no rain, temps below 83, and not too cold.
  • One week later the weather is still co-operating w/ no rain and pleasant temps.
  • One week later, Sunday evening they still had 700 w/o power.

Now for some pictures, I didn't go picture hunting, I thought that was rude, due to the fact that some had trees in their roofs and cars smashed. So this is just our property:

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