Friday, January 7

End Of Year Clearance

I love this time of year not because of all the clearance deals on clothes and toys, certainly not because of the snow ok, I admit I like it a little bit SOME of the time, but not a lot of the time) What I love to do is go through my coupons and get rid of all the expired ones, it's so easy, I just look at the last 2 digits of the year, if it ends in 10 they're toast, outta here, gone. I go through them quite frequently anyway but the end of the year is so much fun, that's why I'm smiling. Don't you smile when your having fun, I know I do:-) I've never went as far as weighing them but I just had to get a picture. It came to 7.5 ounces! My coupon pack is so skinny now, I feel like she went on a diet.


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