Friday, September 24

My brothers ATV Accident

On Labor Day he was out with his friend ridding and his friend came up in front and cut him off, by accident. At 40 MPH. Eric was wearing full ridding gear. Amongst other things he had to have surgery:

Update on my brother (Eric) extensive spinal stenosis (narrowing of his spinal cord) Because one of his cords was messed up and slowly deteriorating over the years and his ATV accident made it worse he had surgery to prevent paralosis if a future accident occured. They went in through the side of his neck to attend to his lower vertebra's and one of his cords.

This is the report I got from my sister after his surgery yesterday (9-23-10) It was nearly a 2 hr. surgery, but it went well.

  • The bone and plate are in good
  • neck brace for 6 weeks
  • his disks were large an bulging but arenow fixed
  • they removed some bone spurs
  • went in through the side of his neck
  • no lifting, pulling or pushing for sometime(he can pour from a gallon of milk, but can't pick it up high enough to drink from it (for instance) Hey, that's how she described it to me:-)
  • and when he got out of surgery and was "coming to" he ripped out his IVs which I am told is "normal" for men. I guess they don't want to be "restrained" in their mind.
  • He gets to come home today!

Eric, I love you.

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MaJaTo said...

Hi Lori,
Hope your brother is recovering well after the operation. Sounds like the family will need to go easy on him for a while!
If the rest of the family are like you then I know he has a nice and caring family around him; I'm sure you'll have him on the road to recovery in no time.
Take care,